Hello world!

this is among other things an introduction. a meeting of the minds if you will. well at least yours and mine. soon if you keep reading you will learn that among other things i am so cheesy that kraft should sue and that i fancy myself awfully punny! so this is me marrying two of my passions, writing and cooking. I have 9 years experience in an Asian Fusion/ Pacific Rim type restaurant known to the world as Tsunami, http://www.tsunamimemphis.com . i apprenticed there under Head Chef/ Owner Ben Smith and Sous Chef Donny Graham.   many came and went but these two were my culinary mentors. during my extended tenure i met Sushi Chef and Pastry Chef extraordinaire Marisa Baggett, http://www.marisabaggett.com. marisa took me under her wings and showed me a traditional style of sushi with jut enough modern evolution to not be insulting. from dishwashing to saute fish i have learned it all from these three, then marisa taught me sashimi but thats for a later time. this is merely a listing of my credentials, my accomplishments, a background check of sorts.

but as for me the person, i have one philosophy, and that is the power of 1ne, hence the name of this blog. i always felt like i wanted to delve deeper into the world of cooking, the art of flavor pairing but never felt as though i had my own identity. i realized my identity just today and that is the power of one. i want to control flavors from their embodiment in fruit, meat, cheese and etc to a full flavored dish that comforts the soul and nourishes the body. an overwhelming suspicion of others who mean to help but may not fully appreciate the creaminess of every avocado or the saltiness of soy. balancing between taking on too much leaving me teetering on the brink of overwhelmed and delegating duties and watching on intensely i exist carving out flavors and melding, mixing, and blending until viola! a dish is created.

which brings me to my point. 3 weeks ago i moved away from everything i know and love in memphis to starkville, mississippi. here with marisa baggett i create dishes based on what we would like to call modern asian cuisine, which is asian tradition with an american appeal. and this is my journal of sorts. here you get to read about my exploits, my failures and my successes. you can trek through the abyss which is starting a restaurant vicariously through me. so for a few Sugoi secrets check back often, email with questions or suggestions, and enjoi!


Kevin Sullivan

Sugoi Chef



ps i feel that the web community is a bit zealous about spelling, grammar and punctuation. so the lack of capital letters is a bit of a deterrent as well as a showing of the informal nature of this blog. i want you to know me and i want to know you and so i would rather run off those looking to go over the finer points of english with bad grammar and capitalization than deal with the teacher with the red pen.

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