the past 3 weeks

so…. i moved to starkville mississippi. yeah i dont know why either. i mean besides the great job opportunity and getting to work with marisa baggett. a black female sushi chef, yep it is kinda unheard of. moving along though, i did move from memphis to starkville and it has been different. mississippi state is the entire town, and by that i mean that everything needs that school to survive. its one walmart and two mcdonalds. it was two mcdonalds within 5 minutes of my old job, no telling how many in memphis. so thats culture shock. no choice about much of anything, its one this, one that, one everything. its like the power of 1ne put into as if that was crazy enough, everything is on one street. highway 12. i almost named my blog that because i spend so much time there. so from walmart to gas, to pawn shops, to storage units, its all on highway 12 and thats the only place in the entire town i know how to get. i live in the hotel at the moment which is also the venue that houses the resturant i am helping open. the mollendor family own this establishment and thus far they are lovely hosts and lovely people. I turned 26, and we finalized the menu. i have exceed expectations and fell short all in one tasting. I have done more manual labor than i probably have in all my life. and i am loving every minute of it. its change, its scary, but its fun. now i live in the moment and in this moment the doldrums of repetition are gone.


Kevin Sullivan

Sugoi Chef

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