wedding reception

so, soon as i got back in town, i hook up with a co worker from tsunami, and he lets me in on this wedding gig he has for 100 or so people. It was only 3 apps, chips and dip. we brined a pork shoulder over night, slow roasted it overnight, and the pulled all the meat and rewarmed it in a jus made from the roasting run off and aromatics. very tasty. we served that with fried polenta and and roasted garlic aioli. we did a shrimp ceviche which was pretty much par for the course, that we served on crostinis and topped with a dab of gaucamole. and we served kabocha pumpkin in phyllo cups. so we had a vegan dish, a seafood dish, and a meat dish. the dip was a simple cream cheese, green onion and garlic dip, light but tasty served with tortilla corn chips. we prepared everything before hand, and took it over to playhouse on the square where the rooftop reception was held. it was a beautiful setting with a dj, open bar and a fun atmosphere. no pictures of the wonderful place but i have a few awesome pictures of that pork shoulder, see below:


  1. Sounds like a great gig.

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