Sustainability defines sustainability as  the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. now who can say in earnest that this is not a worthwhile cause. i have seen bags, and farmers markets, and composting, and lists but i have not really thought about my own position on the subject. at 26 years old and as a college student with a full time job i thought other things were more important. i thought that it was silly. maybe i didnt think at all. but after a long conversation with one of my mentors Marissa Baggett i knew i had made a terrible mistake.i thought that it was something that did not need my attention. that i didnt need to speak on. surely everyone knows that we only have one earth… right? one person can make a difference. my efforts no matter how small will catch the attention of that bagger who puts my groceries in a reusable bag or the farmer that i support at the market. and if nothing else the look of joy on my future child’s face when the world is as it was meant to be and not marred by irresponsibilty and depleted. so what can you do? i hope thats the question you are asking at this point and i hope to get you started by sharing some links below with ways to go green and promote sustainability today!

there is this site which focuses on seafood sustainability

this site discusses recycling
and then finally this government site which aids in sustainability

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