my coworkers and the chaos that ensues

each and every one of my coworkers have touched me in some round about way. a new series on the blog will be my posts about crew members at tsunami and our most memorable shenanigans.

i have to start with the kitchen staff since we are the closest proximity wise and since donny is the subject of one of my mentor blogs i will skip him and post about Chris P. i am sure P is cool with this although i dont think i expressly asked his permission but i will be open about our shenanigans but i wont post his entire name for fear that he has stalkers. ok. so what has p taught me… first he has taught me patience. chris will be the first to speak up and say that in a pinch, words are not my forte. so i have patience because my “pass the orange shit” , “the other orange shit” , “it goes with the calamari” must drive him nuts and he bears with me and works together with me to get things done. chris p has had to tell me to settle down on more than one occassion but the funny thing is it usually riles me up more. communication is something me and p have been working on. he has learned to not anticipate my words and listen and i have learned to pile up the details. but aside from work we have fun. you can count on chris p to take it one step too far. like the time he text my wife on facebook and told her to tell me fap fap fap… an inside joke about masterbation which my wife did not find so funny… ps. yes we have childish boy humor. but the impressions are the best. we can go entire shifts with our made up russians which in my case sound african, lol, cause i suck at impressions. tales of ivan and hiding the bodies of our enemies in barrels as we engage in the rough and rugged cocaine trafficking business. or our horrible spanish accents in which our only replies are si senior and muey mal or muey bien. its horrible but its what gets me through the day. chris p… my frustration and my relief, most times in the same shift!


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