coworkers part 2

gabe as he hates to be called is my lil guy. Otouto. thats japanese for little brother and in a lot of aspects that describes our relationship. gabe started when he was 17. the same age as when i started. gabe is a hard worker… like me. and he had his eyes set on something more… like me. the parallels between me and gabe forged our bond. i saw and still see a lot of myself in gabe and so i try my best to watch out for him. i congradulate him on his successes and i chastise him for his mistakes. and i have watched him grow. but i dont wanna tote my own horn. this is about gabe. who has chosen to hone his culinary skills at making cakes.


but the lessons i have learned from gabe is that i do have marketable skills. gabe’s trust in me to show him what to do kind of proved to me that i had knowledge that was worth something. gabe is my sounding board and my good friend. he motivates me and asks me for help when he needs it. gabe one of the few people who holds me accountable. as i do for him. thats our relationship.

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