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off the menu!

these are a few of the specials i’ve done lately that are just some things i put together for the owner. always a scary moment when i place a plate of food in front of this guy, he has been all over the world and starkville is my first extended stay outside of memphis!

this mussel pasta is really the combination of two things i know really well. i am use to serving my mussels in the shell with thai curry sauce which is a coconut milk based sauce with red curry paste and lots of ginger and basil, and well pasta with anything but mussels, shrimps, chicken, or even duck confit.

there is nothing special about the pasta except it is cooked to al dente and then quickly warmed in the sauce i made in a skillet separate from all the other ingredients. I steamed the mussels in just plain water. and the sauce is made of chardonnay that i reduced and then added garlic, butter, tomatoes, thyme, salt, pepper, and green onions to make almost a buerre blanc. once the sauce was made i added my pasta back to the skillet to warm it up, pulled the mussels from there shells, tossed them in, dropped it all in the bowl and finished with parmesan cheese to garnish.

the salmon here has a good sear on it, lime sweet chile sauce, and it is served over sauteed broccoli with peanuts in a sort of nod to almandine.

broccoli has returned sauteed again with a pineapple gastrique and pork tenderlion with steamed white rice.

just a basic gastrique recipe vinegar, sugar, water, and fruit. reduce until desired thickness is achieved, then puree and serve, strain if necessary.

pork is just seasoned with salt pepper and oil infused with garlic (in a nod to tsunami, most of these dishes incorporate lessons learned at tsunami or are outright taken from there).


“family” meal

an old favorite from tsunami, spice rub pork with steamed rice seasoned with furiake and mango jalapeno cream, for employees only sorry!