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mental radio post

so at work like i have said many times before, i spend a lot of time singing the same songs, but this week a special song was stuck in my head from the saints row videogame, see the video below!




we was working right…

and then we needed more potaotes so i said “hey chris p,cause it use to be more than one chris so i call him chris p, tell gabe to get some potaotes going.”

he replied, “okay!” and zoom he was off. chris p gets back and says, “gabe is on it!”

a LOT of time passes and i go, “chris what the f**k up with those potatoes.” chris goes to check it out, zoom he gone! i leave the line to take back an empty six pan all nonchalant like…

and i see this…

but in a pot.

this was all that was left…

and i was like…

invasion of the butternut squash


they were humongous and one asked me to take him to my leader!

sword fighting!

does it really need an explanation?

hey my power hungry followers!

been uber busy with work lately and i have not been updating. dont be too alarmed though, i kept my fone camera at my side and i have recorded some of my better moments in jpeg. also i have a relatively good memory of what happened and what everything is. so thats my explanation for my absence and here is a random pic of a new kitchen tool we have: a smaller cock this time, lol.

its a twine stand and cutter

for size reference?


wow… is all i can say.

kitchen humor

the kitchen is a vulgar place. countless thats what she saids, penis, gay and racist jokes have been told. numerous dubious encounters half drunken in bars and bathrooms recounted.cursing that would make sailors blush. and thats the coping mechanism. you find some sort of morbid humor, black, dark, or puns… and you deal with a walk in 20 top, or a banquet on top of a full dining room. you laugh to keep from crying. the humor that follows is bad, but in a good way. in my new place of employment, me and my higher ups are the most ridiculous type of corny. so sugoi kitchen humor follows.

who is that?

vanilla ice?

vanilla ice cream!

who is that on the ice machine?

who else ice cube!

and you know we brought ice t along!

pS i encourage you to google these people if you are unfamiliar with their works, wonderful people, really!