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special menu




so the restaurant i work in is a sushi bar, so we dont do many european style entrees. no filets, no traditional style entrees. well in starkville they like their meat and they like tradition. so I crafted a menu of old tsunami faves and ran a special menu. some entrees are posted below.


bibimbap bowls have arrived!

bibimbap is a traditional korean dish and is sometimes served in a dish that is actually suitable for the cooking of rice. gochujang compliments the dish as a sauce and a fried egg over easy adds some extra sauce when everything is mixed in the same bowl the dish was cooked in and the residual heat cooks the yolk of the egg. Here is sugoi’s nod to that dish!

my best fried egg ever

dinner 4 thr33

so the resturant i work at is located inside of a hotel, and in a small college town, starkville. Often professors from the school come in for dinner and they want something a little more european and a little less asian, this is what they were served, wednesday!

Spicy Coconut Broth with Grilled Shrimp

Lamb Chops on Grilled Onion & Pepper Relish on Greek Vinaigrette with Brown Rice

Roasted Duck over Cherry Gastrique with Black Thai Rice

pecan tart

Vanilla Cheesecake

mental radio

so… doing the course of a shift, music that i have heard on the way to work, that morning before work, or sometimes hummed by other coworkers, find their way into my mental radio and the dj falls asleep and the play over and over again, usually focusing on a few specific bars. since i am a music lover and maker i thought it only right to list the songs when the able here!

“anna are you ok, are you okay annie”

then it was a lil rap

“i put this on my life”

then more singing

” broken hearted…life’s not over we can start again”

kitchen humor

the kitchen is a vulgar place. countless thats what she saids, penis, gay and racist jokes have been told. numerous dubious encounters half drunken in bars and bathrooms recounted.cursing that would make sailors blush. and thats the coping mechanism. you find some sort of morbid humor, black, dark, or puns… and you deal with a walk in 20 top, or a banquet on top of a full dining room. you laugh to keep from crying. the humor that follows is bad, but in a good way. in my new place of employment, me and my higher ups are the most ridiculous type of corny. so sugoi kitchen humor follows.

who is that?

vanilla ice?

vanilla ice cream!

who is that on the ice machine?

who else ice cube!

and you know we brought ice t along!

pS i encourage you to google these people if you are unfamiliar with their works, wonderful people, really!

ticket monster!!!

when you working those tickets come in, and its like a beast and you are inside the belly. so to fight back i dressed him up!

food from sugoi!

crawfish eggrolls
ginger salad
smoked salmon curry cream cheese and bacon tempura roll